Horse Safety Services for Equine Events

Equine Ambulance & Safety Ltd

EQUUS, Equine Ambulance & Safety Ltd

Located in southern New Hampshire, EQUUS, Equine Ambulance & Safety Ltd provides a horse safety ambulance service to equine events both regionally and nationally.  In addition, we are available for emergencies.

  • Equine Ambulance for Regional and National Events
  • Emergency Service for Downed Horses
  • Informational Demonstrations / Rescue Glide Techniques
  • Horse Trials
  • Three Day Events
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Reigning
  • Dressage
  • Barrel Racing

Equine Emergency Response & Rescue Equipment

Rescue Glide

Rescue Glide & Ancillary Equipment

Use of the Rescue Glide allows even the largest “downed” horse to be humanely removed from a compromised or dangerous situation. The horse can either be loaded onto the EQUUS trailer and taken to a veterinary hospital or moved to an area for further evaluation and treatment. Horses can be safely removed from stalls, inclines, bogs, event fields, etc and transported to a veterinary hospital or barn without ever having to stand up.